Monday, July 23, 2012

I'll Take One PATROLMAN QUAD-RAIL QRP .223 REM, Please.

As I watched the horrid news of yet another massacre of innocent people, I wasn't surprised to read that the accused gunman found it all too easy to obtain his weapons.  In fact, we all may have subsidized their purchase.  Before he withdrew from the doctoral program he was enrolled in, James Holmes' financial aid included a $26,000 annual stipend for living expenses.  He reportely acquired his guns, ammo and tactical garments legally.  And I can personally attest how easy it is.  I went online and was able to order both weapons and anmunition without any type of background check or permit requirements.  There are even assault rifles for sale or barter on craigslist. 

At the risk of bringing the Second Amendment wingnuts out of the woodwork, I'll just state my opinion.  The right to bear arms, whether for hunting or personal protection, should not include weapons like grenade launchers, assault rifles, or other explosive devises whose only purpose is to wound or kill multiple living targets.  I understand that they can and should be used by the military, but I see no reason for civilians to possess them.

I'll gladly give up that freedom rather than see the periodic slaughters roll across my television screen:  Aurora, Columbine, Virginia Tech, University of Texas at Austin, Cal State Fullerton, San Ysidro, California McDonald's, Edmond,Oklahoma Post Office, Jacksonville, Florida GMAC, Killeen, Texas Luby's cafeteria, Springfield, Oregon's Thurston High School, Northern Illinois University, Fort Hood, Texas, and more.  And these are just the large-scale mass murders.

I'd be willing to bet that you'd be hard-pressed to find a friend or family member of a victim murdered by gunshot who opposes gun control.  The "controls" we have today are laughable.  How long will it take before we restrict ownership of at least the rapid-fire weapons for which there are no plausible reasons to own?  And, I'm sorry, but the Zombie Apocalypse doesn't qualify as a valid reason.

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Alison DeLuca said...

Well said. If only we could see this happen.